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How To Create A Pop Up Event

Your Checklist

  1. Know the exact reason why you are starting a Pop Up – your unique selling point.
  2. Find the perfect location – do some market research in order to find out where your brand might sell the best.
  3. Legal aspects: Obtain proper licences, permits and insurances – what do you need legally to run your business?
  4. Devise a menu, stock, theme etc. to serve your clientelle's needs and which is sufficient for the time being: again do some market research, make a business plan, know who is your target group.
  5. Figure out your kitchen, shop, gallery etc. setup – what do you need to be able to merchandise your product in an attractive way?
  6. Rent everything you need for the temporary restaurant, shop, gallery etc. – since your business is temporary you shouldn't spend any money on fixed equipment unless you are planning to turn your Pop Up into something permanent.
  7. Get the word out – think of an effective marketing and promotion strategy.
  8. Talk to your customers: you'll learn from them
  9. Ticketing: if you want to pre-sell tickets the simplest way is to do this online, e.g. via WeGotTickets.

Check our Blog & Forum for Updates on how to create your own Pop Up.


Nowadays there are many specialised services which help you to set up and promote a Pop Up Business in your area. You can find services which provide help nationally and internationally, e.g. Pop Up Events and those who help you more locally, e.g. Pop Up Bristol. The portfolio of these services is broad and encompasses the following:

  • Give business startups the chance to Pop Up on a High Street near you, e.g. Pop Up Britain as part of Start Up Britain.
  • Connect brands and businesses to short-term space, e.g. We are PopUp.
  • Provide a searchable database for property agents and landlords of commercial space available on interim or temporary terms, e.g. Pop Up Space.
  • Establish and maintain a network of like-minded people using empty shops and void spaces, e.g. Empty Shops Network.
  • Provide support to individuals and organisations to bring buildings and land that has become temporarily redundant into constructive use, e.g. Meanwhile Space.
  • Provide qualitative and professional guidance with case studies, checklists, tips and hints from experienced Pop Up people on planning, implementing and closing a Pop Up Venture, e.g. Dan Thompson in Pop Up Business for Dummies.
  • Give advice on the legal issues and pitfalls with running a Pop Up including licencing, health and safety and food safety, e.g. Solicitors Poppleston Allen.

Art related Pop Up's

  • Finding spaces to use for art projects is difficult. Willesden Green, who operates a gallery space in Queens Parade, has produced this guide based on her experiences.

Pop Up Restaurants

Marketing & Promotion of Pop Ups

  • How Social Media powered the Pop Up - read it here.
  • 5 things to learn about Pop Ups and Social Media - read it here.

To find out more about our own advertising or sponsorship opportunities to help you create your event, please use our email contact form to send us a message.