About Us

Pop Up Events is a charity that helps organisers of Pop Up Events to promote their event for free on a platform where like-minded people meet up to share their interests in all kinds of Pop Up Businesses. It promotes the online presence of the event organisers as well as helping to connect Pop Up People.

Pop Up Events provides information and advice on how to set up a temporary business whether it is a shop, a restaurant, a party, a cinema or a gallery. We help people to find a location which fits their expectations, give them business and legal advice (e.g. licences for a restaurant, how to write a business plan) and help them with their online marketing and promotion strategy (e.g. use of social media). We especially want to support Start Ups to get their business running smoothly from the initial idea to welcoming the first customers. We have created a huge network of event organizers, promoters, landlords and networkers all over the world. This helps us to stay up to date in the vibrant and fast-developing world of Pop Ups.

Our goal is it to connect the different parties involved in Pop Ups and enable them to join forces for mutual benefit and for the good of the public.